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We charge the organization or individual hosting their calendar on Viewing a calendar and subscribing to receive e-mail reminders are both free (and ad-free!).

We offer a one month free trial, extendable to two months upon request. So if you create a calendar and it doesn't suit your needs, you owe us nothing.

Type of organization Cost per month 10% discount if you prepay one year
Regular $9.95 $8.95 ($107.40/year)
Non-profit/educational $7.95 $7.15 ($85.80/year)
All-volunteer $3.50 $3.15 ($37.80/year)

First class stamps alone would cost $245 to mail 500 people -- per mailing -- not to mention the labor to do it.

Each calendar will allow 1000 e-mail subscribers. You may purchase additional blocks of 1000 e-mail subscribers for the same cost as your calendar. There are discounts for ten or more calendars if prepaid one year: take 20% off the monthly rate for 10 - 99 calendars and 30% off for 100 - 999 calendars.

For example, if you own a music venue and you want to create a calendar of events, this will cost $107.40 if you prepay a year. This will allow 1000 e-mail subscribers. If you want to allow up to 2000 people to subscribe to your calendar's e-mail reminders, this will cost $214.80 per year.

Another example: if you own a chain of 100 movie theaters and want to give each one their own calendar, this will cost $8,352 per year (($9.95 - 30%) X 12 X 100).

We currently accept payment only by check. We send an e-mail reminder to the calendar manager when payment is due. If we don't receive payment by the due date, we lock your calendar. If we don't receive payment within three weeks after the due date, we assume that you're not interested in continuing your service, and we delete your calendar. No refunds are given if you cancel before your next payment is due; we suggest going month-to-month if you may cancel mid-year. | For Event Providers | For Event Seekers | Rates | Contact Us | About Us

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