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About Us

History was born out of firsthand experience with publicizing events.

Beginning in the early 1990's, our Technical Director, Jim Winkle, was involved with several non-profit organizations that wanted to spread the word about the great events they were hosting. As a volunteer he developed software to accomplish that task by listing events on-line and automatically sending e-mail reminders of those events.

This is the software that now drives the website. It was generalized so that any organization could use it, greatly enhanced, and was born in August of 2001.

Business Philosophy

You'll find us friendly to deal with and genuinely interested in your success. If you succeed, we succeed! Our try-before-you-buy philosophy speaks to our belief that you shouldn't get locked into something you know very little about.

We enhance the software that drives the site on an ongoing basis. We listen to you to determine what's most important, and actively seek your ideas through e-mail, focus groups, and Beta testers.

Like every other business, we need to recover our costs and our revenue model is simple: everyone pays their fair share. The alternative of selling advertising on is not appealing. There's another way to generate revenue that some sites take, which we refuse to do: selling user's personal information. We take your privacy very seriously!


We believe in doing our part to make the world a better place. One of the ways we do this is to donate 5% of our yearly profits to charity. We tend to focus on organizations that: | For Event Providers | For Event Seekers | Rates | Contact Us | About Us

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