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Promote Your Calendar

Here are three ideas for promoting your calendar. You may copy any of the text in the yellow boxes below verbatim, or edit for your own use.

  1. Create an e-mail signup list in your store. As people add their addresses to your list, you can subscribe them. The list could look something like this:
    To hear about upcoming events, write down your name, e-mail address, and regular address.

    Joe Meadcraft,, 120 E. Bluont Street, Madison, WI 53703

  2. Businesses with a storefront can hang a sign in their window, and create a handbill that people can take with them that reads something like this:
    View our upcoming events on the web!

    Go to and enter JavaJoint for the calendar name.

    Subscribe to get e-mail reminders of events!

    This message could be on quarter sheets of paper or your business card (we're happy to create a paper master for you; contact us to request this). A coffee shop with live music could put this text on their coffee card. Already printed 5000 copies of your card? Rubber stamp it on the back!

  3. If your organization has a newsletter, publish a short article about your calendar. Here's a sample article for a ficticious neighborhood association called Downtown Madison.

    Our Neighborhood's Calendar of Events on the Web!

    Have you ever wanted to attend an event that you read about in our newsletter, but missed it because you forgot to put it on your calendar? If you have Internet access, there's now an easy way to view our Calendar of Events anytime, and even get reminders via e-mail.

    To view our Calendar of Events, point your web browser at and enter DowntownMadison for the calendar name.

    Events Listings

    All upcoming events are listed in chronological order with the current events at the top. Events are categorized; to view events in just one category click on the category name, for example, click on "Meetings" to see just meetings. Other categories are Entertainment Events, Volunteer Opportunities, and Rummage Sales.

    E-Mail Reminders

    You can even subscribe to get e-mail reminders of events! You can get reminders for all events, or just events in certain categories. If you want reminders for all events, simply enter your e-mail address in the box on our calendar, and click the "Subscribe" button. If you want reminders for just events in certain categories, click on "Reminders", select the categories in which you are interested, enter your e-mail address, and click the "Subscribe" button. Either way, you'll receive an e-mail message letting you know your subscription was successful.

    Adding an Event

    We have the Calendar set up so that anyone can add an event to it, and it will appear instantly for all to see! If you want to let the neighborhood know about your upcoming rummage sale, just add it to the calendar.

    To add an event, simply click "Add Event", fill out the short form, and click "Save Event" at the bottom.

    Events bring us together as neighbors to shape and improve the neighborhood, educate us, and entertain us. Check out our new Calendar of Events on, and consider subscribing to the reminder service today! Don't have a computer? You can periodically check the Calendar using a computer at the library. | For Event Providers | For Event Seekers | Rates | Contact Us | About Us

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