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Including Navigation Bars

A big part of making your calendar look like your website is including your site's navigation bars, headers and footers (this discussion focuses on navigation bars, but applies equally to headers and footers.) This runs the gamut from trivial to tricky, depending on how well you understand how they work. For webmasters who hand code their own navigation bars, this will be a snap. For someone who uses a tool to generate them, this could be tricky, but not necessarily. Follow this three step process.

  1. Set the base URL parameter

    In the "Customize" function, scroll down to base URL. Enter the base URL of your site, usually the site's address, like . Any relative URLs will now be prefixed with this address, turning them into absolute URLs, as in the following table.

    Source Will be translated to
    <a href="tickets.html"> <a href="">
    <img src="navigate2.gif"> <img src="">

    This makes it much easier to add navigation bars since they usually use relative URLs. Naturally, absolute URLs that you use won't be touched.

    Note: When adding events, you can now theoretically use relative URLs to refer to links or graphics on your own website, since the base URL works for all of your calendar. However, use the absolute URL unless you are certain nobody else will include your events in their calendar. Why? Only one base URL is allowed per web page, and their base URL will be different than yours.

  2. Find and copy the navigation bar

    In another window, view the source of your web page using your web design tool or your browser. Look for the beginning and the end of the HTML code that generates your navigation bar. Select this code, and copy it.

  3. Paste it into your calendar, and save

    In "Customize", paste this code into one of the three boxes below base URL, depending on where you want your navigation bar:

    Be sure to "Save Settings" at the very bottom of the "Customize" screen. Your navigation bar should now be present on your calendar. Test it to make sure it's working correctly. | For Event Providers | For Event Seekers | Rates | Contact Us | About Us

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