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HTML Tutorial

HTML is the language of the web. While you don't need to know HTML in order to use, if you learn some simple HTML you can make your calendar look fancier.

HTML is composed of free format text, just like you are reading now, interspersed with what are called tags. A tag tells your web browser to do something special, like make a word appear in bold. Tags are always enclosed in angle brackets.

For example, the way to make the word events appear in bold is to use the <B> tag, like this:

For example, the way to make the word <B>events</B> appear in bold...

Note there's an opening tag (before the word events), and a closing tag (after the word events); also note the closing tag has a forward slash before the tag name. All tags have an opening tag, and most -- but not all -- have closing tags.

Here are some other tags, with examples. You may copy the examples, but not the entire table. .
Italics<I>Make <I>these words</I> appear in italics; renders as: Make these words appear in italics.
Bold<B>Make <B>these words</B> bold; renders as: Make these words bold.
Paragraph<P><P>Begin a paragraph with the P tag. Closing P tag is recommended.</P>
Break line<BR>Break <BR> a line with the BR tag; renders as: Break
a line with the BR tag (there is no closing tag).
Center<CENTER><CENTER>Center this text</CENTER>; renders as:
Center this text.
Small text<SMALL>Make <SMALL>these words</SMALL> small; renders as: Make these words small.
Big text<BIG>Make <BIG>these words</BIG> big; renders as: Make these words big.
Horizontal Ruler (line)<HR>Draw a horizontal line with the <HR> tag like this:

Anchor (link)<A>Make <A HREF="">these words</A> a link to; renders as: Make these words a link to
List element (used in combination with next two)<LI><LI>Wash dishes
<LI>Do laundry
<LI>Check e-mail
Ordered (numbered) List<OL>
<LI>Wash dishes
<LI>Do laundry
<LI>Check e-mail

Renders as:
  1. Wash dishes
  2. Do laundry
  3. Check e-mail
Unordered (bulleted) List<UL>
<LI>Wash dishes
<LI>Do laundry
<LI>Check e-mail

Renders as:
  • Wash dishes
  • Do laundry
  • Check e-mail
Comment (not shown on your calendar)<!--Make <!-- this temporary description --> invisible; renders as: Make invisible. Note that the closing tag is different. Also be aware that if someone views the source with their web browser they'll be able to see all of the text (including the comment).

You can combine many of these, for example, to make something big and bold, you can use <big><b>big and bold</b></big>. Note that the closing tags appear in the reverse order as the opening tags. You can even make something tiny by using <small><small><small>tiny</small></small></small>.

Note that some formatting won't appear in the e-mail reminder, since it's currently plain text. For example, italics, bold, small/big text, and links won't appear. But lists, centering, and anything else that can be rendered in plain text will work.

If you made it this far, congratulations! You're well on your way to becoming an HTML expert. If you like this sort of thing, pick up a good HTML book and learn the complete language. It's actually fairly easy! | For Event Providers | For Event Seekers | Rates | Contact Us | About Us

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