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How does measure up with other methods of publicizing events? Here are comparisons to some of them.

Method Problems's Solution
Static events calendar on the web.
  1. Out-of-date events are at the top, requiring the user to scroll down.
  2. Viewer may forget about events when they leave the page, and probably won't ever visit the page again.
  3. There is often no means of selectively viewing certain kinds of events.
  4. Static calendars are sometimes poorly designed, and difficult to view.
  1. Current events are always at the top.
  2. Viewer may request e-mail reminders of events, which are sent out a couple of days before each event. There's never a need to re-visit the page, since they will continue to automatically receive reminders.
  3. Viewer can opt to show events in a certain category.
  4. Viewing is improved by use of colors and very little wasted screen space.
Paper events calendars mailed to members of an organization. Generally, only members of the organization receive calendars, so turnout is dependant on the same pool of people every time. calendars can be viewed by anyone!

An organization can save the cost of printing and mailing their calendar by directing members to their online calendar, and/or continue to mail paper calendars using printouts of their online calendar.

Send e-mail to interested parties. While using an e-mail list is an effective way of getting the word out about events, it has the same problem as paper calendars: only those on the list are notified of the event. It's also a manual process. automatically sends e-mail reminders a few days before an event. Also, it's easier to subscribe to an calendar compared to a private e-mail list, so they're more likely to do so.
Advertise events using traditional media. Generally expensive, especially to have any detail about the event. Very affordable to have a calendar on Length of description can be as detailed as desired, and not cost any more. a better way to connect people and events! | For Event Providers | For Event Seekers | Rates | Contact Us | About Us

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