Winkle Family Genealogy

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by Jim Winkle

Winkle Genealogy start | Jim Winkle (me) | Bob Winkle (my dad) | Edward Winkle (my grandfather) | JR Winkle (my great-grandfather) | Elijah Winkle (my great-great-grandfather) | Harriet Winkle (my great*3-grandmother) | Martha Winkle (my great*4-grandmother) | John Winkle (my great*5-grandfather) | John Winkle (my great*6-grandfather)

I've started doing some Winkle family Genealogy (on the Winkle side). Click on any name above to see that family; they're in order, most recent first.

I list family members in order of birth year. Dates are approximate unless the exact date is given (age is in parentheses).

Can you fill in any question marks on these pages? Can you add any additional information or know about other close relatives? If so, please contact me.

Historically, the Winkles had good genes! My great-great-grandparents lived to 83 and 89, born in the 1820's when the average life expectancy was probably 40.

Many thanks to Ian Winkle of Glasgow and Kathie Barker (nee Winkle) of Stafford for information. Ian is researching the Winkle family genealogy as a retirement project, and Kathie regularly does research at the Stafford Records Offices.

Ian has the Winkle line, including the line I'm from, back to the 1500's (and possibly 1400's) and believes that the vast majority of the UK Winkles stem from Richard Winkle around 1560. Richard was from Biddulph, England (just north of Stoke-on-Trent), only 7 miles from Wincle, England. Coincidence? Unlikely... the spelling of our name morphed over the years.

Here's a map of Wincle, which is small; down Barlow Hill road about a mile are a couple of businesses, including The Ship Inn and Wincle Beer!

If you're doing Winkle genealogy, here are a couple of hints: