Jim Winkle's Bike Rides from Madison, Wisconsin

round barn

Most of the bike rides below start from our house on Emerson St. A few of these have a sustainability theme... organic/local food restaurants, solar/wind energy, a farm that grows food for people (these are surprisingly rare), a farm incubator, and certainly biking itself is an earth-friendly way to travel.

I organize small group rides using these routes; contact me early in the season if you know me and you're interested in biking on weekends. The rides get progressively longer throughout the season and culminate in a century ride.

A few other things...

Below you'll find:

A large part of the Capitol City Trail will be closed sometime in the summer of 2018.

Day Trips

Many of these are lovely rides, especially the longer ones. There are generally restrooms and water at the halfway point. Some of these rides require a state trail pass to make it easier to get out of Madison.

Century Bike Rides

One hundred miles in one day... it's really not that hard; you just have to work up to it. A good bike helps, too... the longest I had ever ridden was 30 miles, but immediately went 70 on my new bike, and the next weekend did my first century ride. Here are a few century rides, give or take.

Weekend Bike Tours

Weekend rides (2-4 days).

1-2 Week Bike Tours

hilly road

The new Google maps broke many of these routes, but the cue sheets are still good. I've started using, which allows infinite customizations to a route (Google allows ten). I'll be redoing these as time permits.

Other Rides

You'll generally need to drive to the start of these rides.

Contact me if you have questions or suggestions about any of this.