has been shut down. Relevant messages are below, in case you didn't see them....

Date: Thu, 18 Jun 2009 07:58:57 -0500
Subject: IMPORTANT: PHP/MySQL developer needed for to continue

Dear community, is at a crossroads, and we need your help! Are you 
fluent in PHP and MySQL? Are you interested in volunteering with Sustain 
Dane to help the project? is built on open-source software called phpBB. We 
customized phpBB to create We're running version 2, 
which is no longer supported. There's a new version 3 with features like:
* Attachments to postings are allowed
* You can save drafts of your posts
* Multiple Poll option voting
* More powerful searching
* Friends list

This requires a strong knowledge of the PHP programming language, and some 
knowledge of the MySQL database. We realize that there probably aren't very 
many of you out there, so if you understand these technologies and can help 
with this, please do respond!

If we can't find anyone to do this, will be shut down. :(

Thanks for considering this!

-- Jim Winkle, Sustain Dane volunteer for the project


Date: Sun, 16 Aug 2009 21:41:51 -0500
Subject: IMPORTANT: PHP/MySQL developer needed for to continue

Dear community,

We couldn't find any volunteers to help us with changes needed to keep running, so we will shut down the site in a few days.  :(

Thanks so much for participating in this project! Some statistics that might 
interest you:
* There are currently about 600 people registered (in 14 neighborhoods), and 
  coincidently 600 posts. The neighborhood with the most registrants is Bay 
  Creek, on Madison's near south side.
* Half of you have never posted. On the other end of the spectrum, one person 
  made 60 postings.
* Financial transactions between people varied from free to over $200,000 
  (houses sold).

There's a slight possibility that we may relaunch in the future, so we're 
interested in your feedback.  If you have any thoughts about the service (things 
you liked, things you didn't like, suggestions for improvements), please let us 
know. You can send your feedback to me (don't 
reply to the  address... it likely won't work).

Thanks again for using the site, especially to those who really got into the 
sustainability spirit of Also, a big thanks to the 
neighorhood "moderators" for all of your help.

-- Jim Winkle, Sustain Dane volunteer for