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Please fill out this short registration form to create your calendar. Don't worry, we won't ask for your life history. You'll be asked to agree to the Terms of Service before your calendar is created.

If you arrived on this page from a search engine, you should see our homepage to get an idea of how can help you connect people with your organization's events.

Enter the calendar name for your calendar. A good choice is the name of your organization. Make sure it's easy to remember and short; this is the name that people will enter at the "Calendar:" prompt on the main page. (You can specify a longer, more descriptive title for your calendar when you customize it later.)
Enter your name. This will appear in the "Help" section, in case users have questions about events.
Enter your e-mail address. We will send your password and instructions to this address. Also, any automatic correspondence will use this address. For example, e-mail reminders to subscribers will be from this address. (That way, users can reply to a message if they have questions about it, and it will go to you.)
Enter your telephone number. Please include your area code, and use the format 123-456-7890. This will appear in the "Help" section.
Enter the zip codes where the events take place. For public calendars, this will eventually be used to help people locate events near them. If events take place in several locations, you may enter several zip codes; seperate them with a comma.

    53703, 53704, 53715

Enter your organization type, which determines your cost (assuming you keep your calendar past the one month free trial period). Enter one of:
  • regular: This is the normal rate.
  • npe: Non-Profit or Educational organizations receive a discount.
  • volunteer: All-volunteer organization (no paid staff members) receive a further discount.

See the Rates if you haven't already.

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