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  Announcements as of Mon, 26-Jun-2017 (last updated Fri, 25-Jul-2003 9:56 am).
Fri, 25-Jul-2003
Wingra Path crossing at Fish Hatchery
We added the results of the July 22 meeting with the city's Ped/Bike/Motor Vehicle Commission meeting, and an interview that WORT did two days later. This is our first experience with putting audio on the web; it's occupying the vast majority of our web space, so will be removed at some point in the future.

These can be found from the Bay Creek home page, or go straight to http://www.geocities.com/bay_creek/wingra-crossing.html.

Wed, 2-Apr-2003
Wingra Creek notes
The notes and feedback from the Wingra Creek meeting are now available through the Bay Creek website. Anyone who attended the meeting is invited to review the feedback and summary. Those who didnít attend (and those who attended and have since had new ideas or suggestions) can make comments or suggestions (by April 15th to ensure inclusion).

These are under the Publications section, under "News, Reports, and Meeting Minutes".

Sat, 11-Jan-2003
New website: Safe Lawns, Clean Lakes
The Safe Lawns, Clean Lakes initiative is organized by a group of neighbors who are concerned about the use and effects of lawn chemicals in the Bay Creek neighborhood.

The brand new Safe Lawns, Clean Lakes website (a part of the Bay Creek website) is filled with information about safe lawn care (including a great problem/solution weed section), health issues, concerns about the environment, makeup of lawn chemicals, and neighborhood information (e.g. parks in Bay Creek the city is treating).

It's linked to from the Programs section of the Bay Creek website, or go straight to it at http://www.geocities.com/bay_creek/safelawns. (We removed the section in the "Sites to Visit" of the same name.) Check it out!

Thanks to neighborhood resident Annette Czarnecki for creating this comprehensive resource!

Mon, 16-Sep-2002
Healthy Lawns presentation notes
Christina Kantor took great notes on the Healthy Lawns presentation last week by Mindy Habecker, Natural Resources / Community Development Educator for Dane County UW Extension. These have been posted on the Bay Creek website at http://www.geocities.com/bay_creek/minutes0209a.html.
Tue, 27-Aug-2002
Safe Lawns, Clean Lakes
Links related to the "Safe Lawns, Clean Lakes" initiative was added to the Sites to Visit section of the Bay Creek website. You can read about lawn care chemicals and human health, lake health, and lawn health.
Mon, 19-Aug-2002
Bay Creek Homepage Enhanced
The main Bay Creek homepage was enhanced today.
  • A mini version of the Calendar is now included right on the homepage. This has just the next few upcoming events, but the whole calendar is still available under the Calendar section.
  • "What's New on the Bay Creek website" lists changes to the website. You can subscribe to receive these notices via e-mail if you want to be notified about changes made to the site.
Fri, 3-May-2002
Forms are Fixed
Most forms (Plant Exchange, Kiosk, Agenda Item, etc.) on this site have been fixed; they were broken for an undetermined amount of time.
Thu, 23-Aug-2001
Neighborhood Yard Sales List
The list of items/addresses for the neighborhood yard sales is on-line here and accessible from the Calendar (see August 25).
Fri, 13-Jul-2001
South Side Farmer's Market Produce List
Produce available at the new South Side Farmer's Market will be posted on the Calendar every week! Subcribe to the calendar to get these e-mailed to you. There's also a weekly report on the market with goodies like vendor profiles posted under the Publications section (under Reports).
Mon, 9-Jul-2001
Neighborhood yard sales registration
Register your yard sale by August 18 for the fourth annual Bay Creek yard sales day on August 25.
Tue, 12-Jun-2001
How to submit an agenda item for the monthly meeting
Do you have an item you'd like discussed at a monthly neighborhood meeting? You can now submit an agenda item for an upcoming meeting; just fill out the short form on the page that lists all of the minutes (under Publications, Meeting Minutes). We'll post these agenda items on the Calendar so that anyone who's interested can see what's coming up at the next meeting.
Sun, 21-Jan-2001
Quick links on the Bay Creek home page
Check out the "Quick links..." pulldown menu on the front page of this site. You can use this to jump directly to most places in the site. If it doesn't work for you, make sure to enable JavaScript in your browser.
Mon, 18-Dec-2000
South Side Police News publication
The South Side Police News from Captain Randall J. Gaber of the Madison Police Department (South District) will be posted under the Publications section when we receive it each time (roughly monthly). A notice will go out to the Bay Creek e-mail list when it is posted.
Sun, 12-Nov-2000
Calendar is fully interactive
The Calendar is now fully interactive. Anyone can add an event and it will appear instantly for all to see. You can also change your subscription to the e-mail reminder system, and the changes will take place immediately.
Mon, 4-Sep-2000
Neighborhood yard sales list
The list of items/addresses and map for the neighborhood yard sales is on-line and accessible from the Calendar; see September 9.
Sat, 5-Aug-2000
Yard sales registration, bike plan, look and feel of BC website
  • Register your yard sale by September 1 for the third annual Bay Creek yard sales day on September 9.
  • Read about the comprehensive Bicycle Transportation Plan, especially the parts relevant to Bay Creek. Feedback on the plan is due by mid-August.
  • You may notice that there is now a more consistent feel throughout the Bay Creek web site. This is in thanks to our use of style sheets, which allow us to easily control the font family, header styles, and background colors for the entire site.
Sat, 1-Jul-2000
Minutes from meetings, pollen counts
  • Beginning with June, the minutes from monthly neighborhood meetings will now be available on-line, both under the Publications section, and on the Calendar (e.g. see July's meeting for June's minutes);
  • Daily pollen counts for Madison are under Sites to Visit: Madison.
Sun, 21-May-2000
Meeting is moving, EcoTeam forming, rep's new .com sites,
  • The monthly meeting is moving; see the Calendar for details.
  • We'll soon be forming a neighborhood EcoTeam; come to the June monthly meeting for info.
  • Gardening on your mind? Check out the Plant Exchange under Programs.
  • New since March 18: Mark Pocan and Tammy Baldwin have their own dot.com web sites under Contacts.
Sat, 18-Mar-2000
Recently added: projects, links, description of neighborhood
  • List of neighborhood projects under Publications;
  • League of Women Voters of Dane County under Sites to Visit: Government and Civic Information;
  • Madison Kids Calendar under Sites to Visit: Madison;
  • The Madison Times under Sites to Visit: Madison;
  • Description of the Bay Creek Neighborhood Association under Publications.
Tue, 29-Feb-2000
Alcohol license requested
An Alcohol License was requested for 702 S. Park Street. Click here for info.
Mon, 14-Feb-2000
Upcoming Candidates' Forum for county board rep
There will be a Candidates' Forum for County Board member March 15. See the Calendar for complete details (this info didn't make it into the Bay Creek Bulletin).
Thu, 11-Nov-1999
New e-mail list, bylaws, and links
New in the last month:
  • a free neighborhood e-mail discussion list under Contacts;
  • our Bylaws under Publications;
  • Madison Senior Coalitions under Sites to Visit: Madison;
  • EcoTeams under Sites to Visit: Energy and Environment (Bay Creek is thinking of forming an EcoTeam);
  • a link to our site map at the bottom of every page.
Mon, 4-Oct-1999
Bay Creek Kiosk
The brand new Bay Creek Kiosk allows you to post messages on the Bay Creek web site to help you connect with your neighbors. Looking for pet care? Selling your house? Want to start a neighborhood bridge club? Just click on the Kiosk, under the Programs section.
Wed, 25-Aug-1999
Calendar reminders
The Calendar reminder system now allows you to choose what kind of events you'll be reminded about.
Tue, 27-Jul-1999
Plant exchange
The plant exchange program (under Programs) now supports graphics, and is sporting a few pictures of plants.
Thu, 1-Jul-1999
Early website history
We didn't save old announcements before this time, but the Bay Creek Plant/Seed Exchange program was the first thing on the Bay Creek web site released June 1, 1998. This was followed quickly by the front page, a simple display-only Calendar, the Contacts section, and a single list of Sites to Visit.

In the ensuing months appeared the creek navigation bar, the Bay Creek Neighborhood Plan, many Calendar enhancements, and many more Sites to Visit, with five sections.

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