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The Calendar Navigation Bar - Functions

Functions you can perform are:

More help is available by clicking the links above, or by invoking the function and clicking "Help" there.

Subscribe Box

To receive notices of all announcements (and manual mailings sent by the calendar manager) for the EventsGalore.net News & Announcements calendar, simply enter your e-mail address in the subscribe box, and click the "Subscribe" button. If you want to be more selective about what you receive, click "Reminders" and follow the directions there.

You'll receive an e-mail message letting you know your subscription was successful.

Upcoming vs. Past Announcements

By default you are looking at upcoming announcements, starting from today. To see events that already took place, click "Past Announcements" and you will be looking at announcements that already took place, most recent first.


Printer-friendly format: want to post your favorite calendar on the fridge, or include it in a newsletter? Click on the "Printer-friendly format" link at the bottom of the calendar, and you'll see just dates and events (no navigation bars, subscribe box, etc.). Then just print it from your browser.

Browser Requirements

Need More Help?

If you have questions about the announcements, contact the calendar manager for the EventsGalore.net News & Announcements calendar: Jim Winkle, helpEventsGalore.net or 608-334-7251.

If you have further questions about EventsGalore.net, contact our help desk by sending e-mail to helpEventsGalore.net .

See the main EventsGalore.net page to find out how to create your own calendar, and to learn more about the EventsGalore.net service.